Quality Firewood Chopping and Stacking Services

Once we remove unwanted trees from your property, Bishop's Tree Service can provide you with quality firewood to heat your home and help you to save money on your energy bills! 

With 39 years of experience, our friendly tree professionals can chop up your removed trees and provide stacking service. Contact Bishop's Tree Service for a FREE consultation on firewood services today!

Ready-to-Burn Firewood for Sale

If you're simply looking for firewood and don't need any trees removed, we also sell 100%, seasoned, ready-to-burn wood for your convenience. Give us a call at 757-498-2636 to schedule a firewood delivery!
Pickup and Delivery 

Call Today!

"Bishop's Tree Service, cut down multiple tree limbs down on my property. They were my best price out of several quotes. They did GREAT work, cleaned up everything and were super fast. They were able to complete the job when I was at work, which really helped with my schedule. I recommend their services! :-)."

 Grace Capparelli, Facebook review

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